What is Kaiguan?

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Besides being a little button that brings you light or put you in the dark , Kaiguan Culture is also a Beijing based agency, a gathering of great minds, working for the promotion of contemporary culture in China and the rest of the world.
Before Kaiguan, each member of the team had a past life.You might have heard of some of us under the name of 86/33Link an agency specialized in music who is responsible for shows like Air, Yann Tiersen, Ebony Bones or Yuksek in China,
Shuang Culture, a contemporary art curating and consulting company or Sample Not For Sale a one woman made savvy design atelier. Now that we’re all united under the same banner we took some time to compile our long portfolio and
merge it into a website where you can consult our archives, discover the ongoing projects and maybe figure out that you actually know us from before, especially if you’re a Dongcheng lover, a fan of Agnes Varda or a rock’n’roller.
Please visit www.kaiguan-culture.com to find out more about us.
We’re also taking advantage of this first newsletter to announce a few things that are already cooking and that we will soon bring to you.

Memory Doll, an exhibition by Audrey Salmon at C5 Gallery.

GayBird performs at Exit Festival -April 2013-

Memory Doll is an exhibition about the plurality of women, a world which is diced and stretched between stereotypes, archetypes, media and consumerist society.
Through the subtle use of photography, video and installation, Audrey Salmon’s artworks oscillate between introspection and external observation as well as the micro and the macro.
With fascination for metamorphosis, Salmon extracts the tiny and intimate elements of the gigantic fresco of seduction to create an ambiguous universe which flirts with forgotten memories and curiosities.
From March 9th to April 14th.
C5 gallery
Courtyard 5, Sanlitun Xiwujie, Chaoyang District
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10am-7pm
Tel: 6460 3950

Kaiguan Culture is happy to present “Digital Hug” , a performance by GayBird which will be staged for the first time in France by Exit Festival.
GayBird is an amazing artist from Hong Kong who creates around himself a magic universe made of custom made instruments , glitchy melodies and robots in love.
Besides the performance GayBird’s installation “When The Cloud is Low” will be part of the exhibition “Natures Artificielles”who will be touring at VIA festival , Exit Festival and Le Printemps a St Sauveur.

Marie Madeleine, deadly muse.

Lihui’s new installation “Seat In Peace”

After a poisonous gift called “Das Ende” thrown on Valentine’s day like an Apple of Discord in the middle of a love story, Marie Madeleine is preparing other an acid, insolent and decadent third EP entitled “No Apologies“. After their seminal “Swimming Pool“, wet and disco-ish, and their coldwave second Opus “Ural Baikal Amour“, the trio explores pop, grunge and techno.

Kaiguan Culture presents “Seat In Peace” , a new piece by Lihui co-produced by Maison des Arts de Creteil in the framework of “Natures Artificielles”. This installation offers a travel to the edge of supernatural. With Seat in Peace Lihui offers an instant of physical relaxation doubled by a visual experience evocating testimonies of the rare people who have crossed the tunnel linking the two points of the human experience. Everyone have seen a soothing light and felt the immateriality of their bodies before coming back to life. Seat in Piece will be showed at VIA, Exit and St Sauveur Station in Lille.