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Tale of Two Cities is a series of SilkScreen Print Art exhibition initialized by Shanghai-based studio IdleBeats. Each exhibition features the latest works of two studios – IdleBeats and one from a different city: FrenchFourch from Paris, Sticky Fingers Art Print Cambodia from Phnom Penh, Krack Studios Indonesia from Yogyakarta, and many more talents of the worldwide print art family . Persistence, consistency, innovation and the free expression of one’s own root culture are the common qualities of them.

Nini_Sum_AlleyWalk_02 Nini_Sum_AlleyWalk_03

IdleBeats is an artist duo and the first independent screen print studio in China, founded in 2009 by Nini Sum(China) and Gregor Koerting(Germany).
IdleBeats is known for their cross-culture but China-inspired artworks, their ability of wandering between a wide range of art mediums. In addition to print making, Nini and Gregor also create illustrations, album artwork, oil paintings, comic books, sculptures, and experimental work.

Frenchfourch, established in 2007, is a growing up family, a printing laboratory, a handmade editorial factory and now a part of the Paris Print Club a 350m2 superstructure print workshop in Paris. Noting that the contemporary publishing is sclerotic, they aim to provide a space for expression and graphic design through a more ambitious quality know-how. Frenchfourch specializes in the production of books, art zines, textile, posters and exhibitions in collaboration with artists and art galleries partners around the world. Their last screen printed project called Bastonnade is about a road trip in seven different countries showing huge screen printed poster and a new installation with a new collective each time.

TaleOfTwoCities_07 TaleOfTwoCities_08 TaleOfTwoCities_09

Tale Of Two Cities screen print exhibition #1 IdleBeats(Shanghai) x FrenchFourch(Paris)
2days opening with live print making show
Address: UNDEF/NE Rm 105, Bldg 6, M50 Moganshan Lu Shanghai China
Opening: 2015 Nov 28-29 11:00-20:00

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