True Live is from Melbourne, Australia. The six-piece, which is spearheaded by frontman and producer RHyNO and incor- porates a violinist, cellist, double bassist, key- boardist and drummer, contains the kind of chemistry that comes along only once in a blue moon. Individually, they are some of the most acclaimed and experienced musicians in their given fields, but together they create an all-powerful musical beast that takes on a life of its own.

Their first Album “Found Lost” is classical music that ran away and joined the circus. It’s hip-hop’s bizarre cousin. It’s soul with a supercharged en-gine. It’s the Tarantino remake of funk. True Live’s sound is the prodigal bastard son of a musical orgy, but now the son has grown into a sophisticated gentleman – albeit one that’s high on LSD. The album oozes influence from past eras but there is something undeniably futuristic about the way that it is spliced with cutting-edge, of- ten left-field modern style. RHyNO’s liquid tongue effortlessly rides every drum snare and morphs to each stroke of the cello or touch of the keys – creating an ever-evolving sixth instrument.

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