She is always saying that she is doing maloya. And she is quite right, Nathalie Natiembé. Even if it is almost absent, rhythmically, from her new album, it wraps the whole of her state of mind with a *marooning ambiance. Yes, she is free, Nathalie Natiembé and a rebel. An energy that earned her the nickname of “little punk of the maloya”.

With Bonbon Zétwal, it is a chiselled and channelled energy, sifted through the sieve of the intimacy that she gives us. It does feel like the album of the accomplishment. As if her years of bloody flirting with rock, pop, punk, reggae, finally appreciated the pleasure of peaceful happy marriage with this Reunionese culture- her second skin. The one which lives in her trance of words.
With her new album Bonbon Zétwal Nathalie Natiembé has found herself, musically speaking, within this mind-blowing world music with 70’s flavours. Rock, Reggae, Maloya or a more jazzy-coloured genre, she assumes all. And she bears everything with a strong vocal range, crazy as well but softened too.

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