Marie Madeleine, their sound, epic zeus-like vocals mixed in with the flirty girly “sinking, sinking, dying, diving” is buckets of fun, is described as disco wave; like if Ian Curtis and Donna Summer went on a date in palm springs.

When asked to describe their work, Marie-Madeleine said : We are the abandoned children of Peter Murphy and Donna Summer, swimming in a disco wave ocean, dreaming of love and death, creating a permanent duality. Our goal is to make people dance and cry at the same time. We have many inspirations and roots, we just put our hearts on the table and share our feelings. We are making music with no borders.

Dark and Sexy as always, the French Electro Dark Wave band Marie Madeleine is back with an ultra cult MV of their fresh hardcore sexy tune “Highway” – 1990s fashion model American Ford, wet and naked mysterious women, psychopath like driving hero, footage of car crashing in slow motion, dark and shocking visual style – We don’t know what Jaico Weiss have been watching lately but David Cronenberg’s Crash is definitely in is playlist !

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The new Ep Useless/Highway was realeased by Kaiguan Culture and Wellington Records in Sept 2014. Like always, the EP is “Dirty and Sexy”, but this time it is also paired up with influences of cold wave music, giving the tunes a strange and beautiful sound.


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