Teasing, pulsating and always carried by an abundant imagination, French act COLT SILVERS are 4 eternally unshaven kidults, developing a generous indie rock between bright pop intervals, silky electronic layers and quivering dissonances, spangled here and there with angelic voices.

With 2 innovating albums and countless concerts all over the world, COLT SILVERS has been getting fast traction in France and beyond. After their very much acclaimed album Red Panda released in 2013, full of dancy rock hits such as As We Walk and Season of Silence, the Strasbourg based band decided to start 2015 with a new album that they recorded in an american rock temple: the prestigious Waterfront Studios in Hudson, US (where The Strokes recorded one of their first opuses).

The new works of COLT SILVERS is a return to more energy and vast spaces after the minimalism of “Red Panda”. It’s definitely more rock influenced and incisive, combining heavy guitars as well as the distinct cinematographic inspiration of the bands beginnings with its orchestral and 80’s sounds.
Not wanting to lose their French touch in the process, the band has decided to work with the producer Fab Dupont (The Dø, Santigold). The result is a series of tracks freed from the former label of “electro-rock” and completely embracing their quintessence of pop.
New album “Swords” will be in the stores in September 2015!

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COLT SILVERS at Midi Festival during their China Tour in 2015:


Night of the Living Robots

Red Panda

September 2015