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Dear all,

After some discussion, the DongDong team has finally reached the decision to differ the 3rd edition of DongDong and reschedule it for 2016.

We would like to rethink the format of DongDong in order to optimize our platform of international exchanges not only  in the music industry, but also all the neighboring creative fields.

Alike other creative industries in China, the music sector in China is currently undergoing an exciting and challenging phase of professionalization and it occupies a bigger and bigger place in people’s life. Therefore it is important for us to create a rich event, open to not only creative and commercial but also innovative aspects of music and contemporary life.

Thank you to all the artists, professionals, public, brains, talents, experts, sponsors and institutions that have supported us in the previous editions, we’ll be back with you for more!
We hope to see you soon for another edition of DongDong in Beijing in 2016!
Stay tuned.


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