Come and Dance with Kaiguan !

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If you want a last quirky dance before autumn, join us at the BALL organized by Kaiguan Culture, Beijing Design Week+CCD community and M.A.D Festival on September 28that Xian Bar. Nova Heart will be performing alongside DJ Compact dicks and Dj Pei and prosecco will be flowing.

Beijing Design Week – CCD the Community & White Wall Magazine
Invite you to a…
Masked Ball
@ Xian Bar @ East

Featuring : Helen Feng’s magnetic outfit Nova Heart, Dj
Compact Dicks and Dj Pei
(VIP guests will receive a limited edition of gift handcrafted paper masks)
September 28th 9:00pm till late

Nova Heart at TransMusicales !!!

TransMusicales is a sort of Babel Tower in the festival landscape, a place of many styles and sounds and genres, defying the law of homogenization. It is one of the only places where you actually don’t know most of the bands that are on the bill but you can be sure that these bands are going to be next’s summer’s big thing. It usually never fails. In 2003, we had a magic encounter with artistic director Jean Louis Brossard on the top of the Great Wall, which led to stage the first Chinese band at TransMusicales: LongKuan 009 and Supermarket. Then the Chinese brother of Aphex Twin , Wanglei, followed and then again IZ and their pastoral melodies. No need to tell you that it is with a lot of emotion that we announce that Nova Heart is the next Chinese band to showcase its talents at TransMusicales and they are making their way to be the next big thing of the European summer. Watch out!

Our favorite “Tele-Pop-Music” coming soon!

Do you remember “Breathe”? The epic debut Ep of French act TelepopMusik? Likewise other producers from the Hexagon, Telepopmusik has showed the world club scene that thoughtful nuances was taking electronic music to a next level. They are back with their dreamy songs, their clever production and their catchy hooks, and a new album called “Fever”. They will be touring Asia and finish with the best: the closure gig of DongDong Festival on Nov. 10th at YugongYishan!!

More info on the tour:
Nov 6th @Hong Kong, I-Max
Nov 7th @Taipei, Neo Studio
Nov 8th @Shanghai, QSW Festival
Nov 11th @Beijing, Yugong Yishan, DongDong Festival

Kaiguan goes to see Mama

To settle the collaboration between Kaiguan and Fernando Ladeiro Marques, the director of French leading music networking event Mama, we had to pay the event a visit! Kaiguan will be representing DongDong music festival and convention during the 3 days of convention in Paris. If you are around and if you want to catch up with us , get in touch! You’ll find us at the conferences and at the gigs of Aufgang, Rangleklods, Tomorrow’s World and CarSick Cars of course!!
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