Back to school, back to work,
and something big to announce!

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This November, In hands with MAMA Event from France, Kaiguan Presents DongDong – a new urban event, a music festival and professional convention featuring a series of activities for delegates: conferences, talks and workshop as well as a batch of great artists hailing from China, Asia and the rest of the world that will be performing for both public and showbiz people. DongDong is all over Dongcheng district, spanning on 4 days and 5 iconic music spots. The idea here is of course to give more exposure to Chinese independent talents but also to provide a new hub to boost exchanges between East and West.
Find everything you need to know on DongDong on our newly launched website:

Participate DongDong Pro

You are a label, an artist, an agent, you’re looking at a networking moment to nurture ties with local counterparts and get to know foreign players of the music sector, register online and get your delegate pass to DongDong’s activities on November 8th and 9th: 4 conferences, 2 talks, 1 workshop and a match making session+ all the gigs at YugongYishan, Dada and Temple.

The DongDong Festival

Who is on the bill of DongDong????
We finally unveil some of our top acts!!! You cannot miss piano virtuoso Francesco Tristano, a young prodigy who manages to be both signed on uber classical Deutsch Gramophone and hyper electronic label In Fine, he will be performing an analog electronic set at Yugong on November 8th, sharing the stage with Beijing diva Helen Feng and her mesmerizing disco rock outfit Nova Heart and French- Us act St.Lô: the voice of the singer MizWalidah is dazzling, deep and holds generations of soul. That night later on at Dada DongDong will be pairing up with Shanghai SBVKLTR to stage a whole horde of bass and dub artists. They’re hailing from the 4 corners of China and South East Asia, Chacha, Dragon, Jase, Red I etc… We have much more coming up including whimsical experimental White+ and some other surprises from Maybe Mars, just stay tuned to know more about the gigs at Yugong, Dada and Temple.

Join DongDong Workshop!

You are an independent artist and you are surrounded by new tools to produce and promote yourself but you don’t know what to start with to make music your career? DongDong might have something for you: a workshop dedicated to artists and orchestrated by the magic Danish people of Artlab. The workshop will be held on November 10th at The Other Place in collaboration with the team of PangBian and Sinotronics. If you want to join our workshop on DIY entrepreneurship for musicians, contact :

Something ELSE for The End –
BJDW Ball @ Xian Bar

If you want a last quirky dance before autumn, join us at the BALL organized by Kaiguan Culture, Beijing Design Week +CCD community and M.A.D Festival on September 28th at Xian Bar. Nova Heart will be performing alongside DJ Compact dicks and Dj Pei and prosecco will be flowing.