AM444 – The adventure continues!

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The Chinese “Year of the Fire Horse” is staring well for AM444 the Shanghai-Amsterdam based duo who produces dreamy -deep, shape-shifting, bespoke dubby pop, topped off by the ethereal voice of ChaCha who is bringing Mandarin Chinese into the realm of global sound.
Mostly famous in their Shanghai underground bubble, faithful to the DIY ethic, active members of the local creative scene (they just released a new video in collaboration with Idle Beats and Charles Lanceplaine), the duo is now making its way out of the middle Kingdom. Along the way happened a lucky and fruitful encounter with French rock star Matthieu Chedid, better known under the name of -M-, who co signed a remix version of their older song “ShenJingMoshao” (Detache Toi) and with whom they just finished a ground breaking 2 weeks China tour.
For those who like Little Dragon, AlunaGeorge or even the feel of the early Bjork with a stoned Asian twist, you’ll find something in AM444.
You can catch them in the Russian Federation tonight and tomorrow and in France next month.

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