Stolen is back from Transmusicales!

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From Rennes to Chengdu,  St.ol.en just got back from their first trip outside of China and a remarkable performance at Transmusicales marking very promising European debut for them. Check out the reports from music authorities in France and find  out yourselves.

the Figaro

“For many people, [ST.OL.EN] will be one of the greatest discovery of this year’s Trans Musicales Festival.”


Trans 2016: the 1st concert of ST.OL.EN out of China was the bomb!


“Bass! Lights! Beats! Seriously their sound make you wanna dance, everyone just can’t help but dancing.”

“Anyway, more than just to listen their music: it’s mandatory to see ST.OL.EN  live. it’s powerful, cutting and clashing…”


AFP / France 3


“ST.OL.EN, a post-punk nugget from China.”

“One of the biggest highlight of the 38th edition (of transmusicales)”